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Security is always sensitive issue; either you are men or women you can’t compromise with your security, government of ever country is taking every possible action for security of their citizen , but as a responsible citizen we can’t leave everything on government.


Now day’s people are using this device for different purpose as for self defense even this device is used as purpose of shooting, so here is description of Air pistol
Air Pistol is real functional gun so don’t understand it as toy, you should know all manual instruction before using this device. It is always essential that user should know the proper handling and function of this device since this device is dangerous so you should take proper training to handle this device; you should adopt some safety before using this device.

Safety Rule for Using Air Pistol –

  • You should wear proper eye protection whenever you used this weapon.
  • Since it is no toy, so you should know to handle, load, operate, and fire and care of this device.
  • Never try to play with this weapon; it is dangerous weapon that can cause serious injury or death.
  • Always keep this weapon pointed in safe direction, never point any weapon loaded or unloaded at any person.
  • You should clean it before use and make sure that this weapon is unloaded while cleaning.
  • You should know your target before firing it.
  • Never leave this weapon unattended where it could fail or fire.